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In order to help members of the National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS plan management Perth achieve their objectives and make the most of their NDIS plans, support coordination is crucial. As of September 30, 2021, support coordination was funded in the approved plans of 208,634 (43%) active participants. For the year ending September 30, 2021, $667 million was paid out in total for support coordination.
The evolving NDIS environment has led to further development in the support coordination industry. What the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) will undertake over the next two years to provide a Scheme that fulfils participants’ expectations is outlined in the Participant Service Improvement Plan. NDIS pledges to “be clearer about support coordination services, and what you should expect” in the Participant Service Improvement Plan.

The Role of a Support Coordinator

Improved definition of the support coordinator’s position will contribute to more reliable, high-calibre results from the services. The feedback from the consultation showed that there was general consensus regarding the following duties of a support coordinator. A support coordinator should : 

Help participants connect to NDIS and other supports

The NDIS website lays out what support coordinators should and shouldn’t do when linking participants to the NDIS and other services, in order to clearly define the scope of their work. Support coordinators are expected by the NDIA to be knowledgeable about the services that are offered in a participant’s local market and to actively assist participants in locating service providers that are a good fit for their requirements.
The NDIA has seen cases where support coordinators have driven quality participant results by leveraging their expertise of the local market. For instance, quality support coordinators can locate and link participants to substitute service providers in a timely manner in the event that a service provider chooses to leave the NDIS or discontinue offering their services.

Build a participant’s capacity and capability to understand their plan

Support coordinators ought to help participants become more self-sufficient. We acknowledge that depending on the specific circumstances of each participant, capacity building may present certain obstacles and difficulties.
In order to enable participants to become more knowledgeable consumers in the NDIS market, the NDIA is presently developing resources. The purpose of these materials is to assist participants in comprehending the NDIS plan management Melbourne plan and navigating the NDIS. To help increase the participant’s capacity to accomplish this on their own, the support coordinator and other members of their network of contacts will also have access to these materials.

Enhanced Broker supports and services

Support coordinators should assist participants in exploring the appropriate combination of services in addition to assisting them in connecting with the NDIS and other resources. The consensus among stakeholders was that this should entail assisting the participants in exploring possibilities, creating an appropriate support strategy, and negotiating service agreements that align with their goals and preferences. The NDIA has been experimenting with strategies to encourage more effective planning and prompt support and service delivery in rural and isolated locations.

Monitor plan budgets and support effectiveness

Support coordinators should keep a close eye on how a participant’s plan is being implemented to make sure they are getting in touch with providers and assess how well those supporters are assisting them in achieving their objectives. Support coordinators should communicate with participants on a frequent basis to learn about their unique situation, aspirations, and support needs connected to their handicap, as well as any prospective changes. In doing so, support coordinators ought to collaborate with the participant to get ready for unforeseen circumstances or breaks in services.

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