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It might be worrisome when your NDIS plan is ready to expire. It’s crucial to keep in mind that your plan can be revised and renewed. Because getting a new plan could take some time, taking action before the expiration date is vital. Officials from the NDIS plan management Perth will get in touch with you a few weeks before your plan expires to talk about the plan review, your current support requirements, and any changes to your situation. You should attend this review meeting to help you make changes to your strategy. The NDIS will get in touch with you to talk about your circumstances before your NDIS plan expires. Depending on your situation, you can decide whether to stick with the plan as is or make any necessary adjustments. But if you do nothing and your plan expires, it can automatically renew.

6 Steps to Renew Your NDIS Registration

  • Submit a Renewal Application

You must sign into the NDIS portal and navigate to ‘My Registration’ to begin the process of renewing your registration as an NDIS provider. Then, up to 6 months before your renewal date, you must submit a renewal application that includes your provider information and a Self-Assessment.

  • Update your Scope of Audit

Your registration criteria are outlined in a new Initial Scope of Audit document that you will get after submitting your application. This document must be sent to SAI Global in order for them to evaluate if you need a “verification” or “certification” audit and how long it should last.

  • Update your Audit Plan

To reflect any changes to your registration, SAI Global will review your Initial Scope of Audit document and revise your audit plan. If the number of sites, participants, or new registration groups/modules increases, your audit plan may need to be adjusted.

  • Complete your Stage 1 Audit

Prior to the Re-Certification Audit, a Stage 1 Audit is required by the NDIS Commission which is a document review audit.

  • Complete your Recertification Audit

Identified non-conformances from your most recent audit will also be reviewed during the recertification audit to guarantee continued progress. This will assess the effectiveness of your service as a whole and its continued suitability for fulfilling the requirements of NDIS provider registration; demonstrated dedication to upholding and improving the service in order to improve overall performance; and effectiveness of the service with respect to achieving the goals of the certified NDIS provider and the intended outcomes of its service to participants.

  • Review of your Application

Your Recertification Audit will be successfully completed, and SAI Global will then submit a recommendation to the Commission. A certificate of registration will be given to those who are accepted.

Registration requirements, process and timeline

You must finish the online application process in order to request that your registration be renewed. To begin, sign in to the NDIS Commission portal and select the ‘My Registration’ page. You can use the Renewal Quick Reference Guide as a helpful tool to assist you with the procedure.


  • Start a new application on the Application Portal
  • Select an approved quality auditor
  • Undergo an audit
  • The NDIS Commission assesses your application and makes a decision
  • Receive your application outcome

After completing all the above steps, NDIS plan management Melbourne will get in touch with you to let you know whether or not your application was approved, along with any supporting information. Some applications take longer to process than others. The timeline depends on a number of factors, including your organization’s size and scope, as well as the complexity and breadth of the support and services you offer.

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