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Registered NDIS Plan Management Sydney

  • Validate and review invoices in accordance with the NDIS price guide.
  • Paying invoices on your behalf.
  • Receiving, processing and paying invoices on your behalf.
  • Claiming money from the NDIS portal.
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What Is NDIS Plan Management in Sydney?

Registered Independent NDIS Plan Manager In Sydney

NDIS plan management in Sydney assists the NDIS participants in managing their scheme with professional service. Like other regions across Australia, NDIS Plan Management Sydney supports individuals with disabilities in managing their financial and administrative aspects so that the participants can focus on their goals.

Here are a few essential aspects of plan management in Sydney:

Support Coordination :
The support coordination system by the NDIS plan management Sydney helps the participants navigate the NDIS system easily and connect easily to their chosen service provider. Through this system, they can assist the participants in understanding their plan, setting a goal, and achieving that by getting proper service from the NDIS according to their funding.

Financial and Administrative Management :
Managing the finance and administrative department of the participant’s NDIS scheme with transparency and compassion. Communicating and settling the issues regarding any service for the client are solved with expert knowledge and experience.

Choice, Control and Flexibility :
The freedom of choice and control of the participant over their NDIS funding scheme and the flexibility in dealing with the choice within the guidelines of the NDIS are balanced approaches adopted by the NDIS plan management Sydney.

Plan Management, NDIS registered mental health disability related health support

When you partner with My Care Plan Manager, the participant retains full control and choice. We merely act on your behalf. We provide thorough advice about how to best utilise their NDIS plan funding so that you are empowered every step of the way.

What Are The Benefits Of Having An NDIS Registered Plan Manager?

Benefits Of Having A Plan Manager, NDIS Early Childhood Early intervention (ECEI) service Provider in Australia

Managing the NDIS plan can sometimes be immense and stressful. One should choose a plan manager who is an expert on a particular subject and is interested in providing the best service.

The benefits of having an NDIS Registered Plan Manager Sydney can be numerous. An experienced plan manager can help you get the most out of your plan and provide peace of mind regarding the funding process.

  • A knowledgeable NDIS-registered plan manager takes care of your NDIS paperwork and compliance and updates you with any change in the scheme with accurate and well-informed guidance.
  • NDIS plan management has rigid rules when it comes to spending the funds. The best plan managers can be flexible with your dedicated plans and allow you to afford the expensive service if necessary under the rules of NDIS.
  • The NDIS registered plan manager often protects you from underspending or overspending your funds.
  • It provides greater control and choice to the participant to choose the provider they wish

Why choose our NDIS plan management service? Here are just a few reasons

Choosing NDIS plan management Sydney means working with an expert team that supports the participant through every step of the NDIS journey. We know about your unique needs and tailor the service to your requirements.

Experienced professionals

Our team has years of experience in the disability sector, and we know the NDIS inside and out.

Personalised support

Respond promptly to the client's queries and address any concerns or challenges if they arise.

Compassionate approach

We understand that the NDIS can be overwhelming, and we’re here to offer support and guidance every step of the way.

There are a few more reasons to choose the NDIS plan management Sydney:

  • Provide support beyond financial management, using the initial funding plan to support the client’s goal and development.
  • Through the extensive local and other networks, the client gets the best service and high-quality support specifically designed for their individual need.
  • The diverse support and services are tailored to the individual’s requirements and preferences.
  • All the financial and administrative world are done with transparency and efficiency. Timely payment, clear invoices, and financial reporting are the keys to transparent service.

So if you’re looking for expert NDIS plan management in Sydney, contact us today. We’re here to help you achieve your goals and live your best life.

Why Partner With Us As Your NDIS Plan Manager?

Working with a disability service provider in Sydney gives you a distinct experience of partnering with the best in the town. We provide tailored services to help participants achieve their dream destinations.

  • Provide the best guidance regarding NDIS funding and its usage from in-depth knowledge of the NDIS system. The team updates the latest changes and updates about policies and regulations, ensuring that your plan is managed perfectly.
  • Work with the participants and guide them towards self-support and independence.
  • The payments are made promptly within five working days with proper invoices and reports.
  • Enables the right of the participants to have more excellent choices and control over the services from NDIS
  • Provide personalised care and approach according to the participant’s requirements, circumstances and purpose.
  • Coordinate to help the participant maximise the return of their plan through service and support under the guidelines of NDIS.
  • Communicate and solve issues related to the plan progress and make a stress-free environment for the participant.
NDIS self managed vs plan managed

What is Our NDIS Plan Management Process?

The structure of the NDIS plan management process provides complete support through effective financial management and personalised and tailored service, empowering the participant to deal with the NDIS funding scheme with ease and confidence.

NDIS registered physiotherapist assessment service provider in Australia

The NDIS plan management Sydney has a robust plan management process specifically arranged for NDIS participants so that they can reach their goals and aspirations with assurance.

  • Participants get control over choosing their service provider without any issues, and we help them throughout the process with personal and individual care.
  • They can sign up to My Care Manager and receive direct invoices from the service provider. They will have their dashboard to check all the details of their scheme.
  • The invoices are validated with the NDIS price guidelines with utmost transparency.
  • Our team is responsible for communicating with the NDIS regarding any invoice-related queries or issues.
  • Our team will make claims and payments on behalf of clients with the service provider.
  • We keep all the records for auditing plan reviews and produce them at the right time for the clients and the providers.

How To Manage NDIS Funded Support?

NDIS plan management Brisbane offers the most comfortable service a person with a disability can get while managing the NDIS scheme. Several critical steps are involved to ensure the allocated funding for the participants is used appropriately.

Effective plan management ensures that the individual with a disability is getting a stress-free service and independence to make decisions about their care and support needs. NDIS plan manager Sydney assists the participants in choosing from the three types of plan management services –

  • Plan management with the provider: Plan management providers may purchase support from registered or unregistered service providers on behalf of the client.
  • Self-managed plan – Participants can manage their funding and deal with NDIS regarding invoices to reimburse themselves.
  • Agency-managed plan – When the participants choose NDIA to manage their NDIS plan and directly pay to the registered providers on behalf of the client, it is known as an Agency-managed plan.
NDIS registered physiotherapist assessment service provider in Australia

Other effective plan management which comes under the NDIS plan management Sydney are:

  • Comprehensive support to financial and administrative management throughout the journey with NDIS
  • Satisfied delivery service, responding promptly to any queries or issues and addressing any concern with immediate solution
  • Empower the participant to become independent in handling the NDIS scheme and the funding details so that they can live fulfilled lives and confidently achieve their destinations.
You deserve to have full control over the wheel of your life.Let’s begin this journey together.

Empower yourself with full control over your life’s direction. Start your journey with us today and unlock the support you deserve. Join MCPM, trusted by Australians nationwide.

Talk to our expert Plan Manager today for all Your NDIS requirement.


Your Plan Managers should not take more than 5 business working days. It includes validating invoices; resolve any invoice related queries, processing invoices, claiming your funds, transfer your funds and keep records of the invoices.
No, your plan manger will notify you and support coordinator about your spending pattern. It is up to you if you want to fill out change of situation form if you are running low on your NDIS fund.
No, plan manager does not have any authority to take decision on reasonable and necessary criteria. You plan manager can only guide you on the base of their experience.
No plan managers can only claim funds once you will receive support from service providers. They do service bookings in advance but only process invoices once you have received support.
Yes,it must for all the service providers unless providers exempt from quoting an ABN.
NDIS is the scheme, which help people with disabilities, carers and their families. NDIA is the government regulator manages and implement the NDIS.
Yes, you can change your current NDIS plan manager by giving them notice period writing in your service agreement under ‘Ending this Agreement’ clause.
  1. Talk to your current plan manager to cancel plan management service.
  2. Give written notice of revocation of your plan management services according to agreed period of ‘cancellation of services’ written in your service agreement to your existing plan manager.
  3. Ask your current plan manager to cancel all the service bookings and release funds immediately.
  4. Contact NDIS on 1800 800 100 and let them know you wish to change you current plan manager.
  5. Complete all required paperwork with your new plan manager who can assist you in the transition process.
  6. Once service booking cancelled and funds released, your new plan manager can take over your funds and be able to process invoices on your behalf.

To whom so ever it may concern,
I,__(Participant name)________NDIS participant, NDIS plan number_____________would like to request ______________plan manager’s company name_________to cancel all service bookings, pay outstanding invoices and release NDIS fund immediately effective from today ______Today’s Date________ as I no longer required plan management services from ____plan manager’s company name___.

I am aware that it will take ____ weeks to cease plan management service.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Kind regards,

  1. Changing to new plan manager will not cost you anything. So no cost to you.
  2. You plan funds will not be affected by this process.
  3. Your new plan manager will claim plan management funds from improved life choices same as your current plan manager.
  4. Your current plan manager will stop processing and paying invoices, now it will be your new plan manger’s responsibility to process, pay invoices, and comply with the NDIS rules and regulation
Yes, it would be good if you will notify your service provider. Please do not forget to give them address, number and email address of My Care Plan Manager.

It is your plan manager’s responsibility to warn you regarding overspend and under spend of your NDIS plan funds. If you think you required extra funds to maintain your disability services please fill out change of situation form as soon as you are aware.

Please talk to NDIA and lodge complaint, as it is a serious matter. Ask your plan manager to cease service delivery as soon as possible. If your plan manager found guilty in investigation by the NDIA, they will be liable to repay funds. They will receive imprisonment and heavy fines by the regulators.
No, plan manager cannot claim for supports more than written in the NDIS price guide.

Ye if you are self-managing your NDIS plan. However, you have to follow rules and regulations of NDIS and keep all the records of your invoices. You have to justify the claim that you have processed when NDIS asked you to provide proof in the Audit Process.

Do you know that you will get Plan Managers funding on top of your approved plan funding? So why bothering self-managed your NDIS plan?

Call My Care Plan Manger for your plan management needs today!!

No, they are not the same. Plan managers pay invoices on your behalf to service providers. Support coordinators are responsible to increase your skills, building your independence, implementing your NDIS plan, make sure required supports are in place, and submit reports to NDIS about your progress and achievement of your NDIS goals.
Your new plan manager will be responsible to process your invoices.
My Care Plan Manager can claim for monthly financial administration fee, plan management and financial capacity building -setup coast from your improved life choice category.
Contact your Early Child hood approach community partners (ECA), your Local Area Coordinators (LAC), your NDIA planner and/or contact your support coordinator if you have one. Request them that you want plan management in your NDIS plan. They will assist you to add plan management in your NDIS plan by doing light touch review. It issimple process.
With NDIA-managed, you can only choose registered NDIS provider where with plan-managed you can choose from any provider registered or unregistered.
If you want to change, you plan management you can request in your plan review meeting. However, if you want to change in the duration of your plan, you have to request your Local Area Coordinator(LAC), Early Childhood Approach (ECA) or NDIA planner for the light touch review.

Are you ready to get the most out of your funds and are unsure where to begin? Then look no further, we are here to support you. Get in touch with us today.

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