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What is Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Psychosocial recovery coaching is a unique support for individuals who suffer from mental health issues. A psychosocial recovery coach is unique within the NDIS because they are specialists in mental health and peer work and work with participants to navigate the NDIS and their care plans. Essentially, psychosocial recovery coaching is an NDIS support that helps individuals living with a psychosocial disability reconnect to their community and the world. As a mental health specialist, a psychosocial recovery coach helps people with a psychosocial disability to reclaim their identity, cope with triggers, and build confidence in social situations. The benefits include individualization of support, increased self-efficacy, greater social integration skills, and improved mental health outcomes. The NDIS can fund this integral support and is added to your NDIS plan or replace the budget for your support coordinator if your primary diagnosis is that of a psychosocial disability.

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How can psychosocial recovery coach help in your NDIS journey?

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People living with a mental health disability can often find doing everyday tasks feel overwhelming or frightening. Psychosocial recovery coaching helps build the confidence in the individual to re-engage in life in a way that is right for them. Through a directed, individualized care plan, a psychosocial recovery coach helps a person with a psychosocial disability believe in themselves to become more actively involved with their community and live their life to their fullest. 

Individuals who receive coaching often develop:

  • increased confidence
  • more motivation to reach their goal
  • wider opportunities
  • a positive outlook for the future
  • enhanced quality of life
  • improved relationships
  • ability to try new experiences

What does an NDIS registered psychosocial recovery coach do?

An NDIS registered psychosocial recovery coach takes a holistic approach to treating individuals and will be responsible for identifying areas where participants might improve their lives by working closely with them and connecting them with their supports. They’ll also help participants navigate the NDIS and its range of services and providers, build personal capacity whilst managing and improving their mental health. A psychosocial recovery coach will spend time with the person to fully understand their needs and goals.  Once the coach completely understands the person’s unique situation, they will then help map out an individualized plan to achieve these goals. A psychosocial recovery coach will also be responsible for keeping track of progress, reporting on outcomes, and maintaining the participants NDIS plan. 

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What is the difference between a psychosocial recovery coach and a support coordinator?

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Everyone is different, and each of us requires different supports and pathways to reach our goals and live our life the way we want. Individuals living with a psychosocial disability have a vastly different set of obstacles to overcome than a person with a physical one. The main difference between a psychosocial recovery coach and a support coordinator is that a psychosocial recovery coach specializes in mental health.  A psychosocial recovery coach will navigate the NDIS and local mental health services whilst supporting a participant who suffers psychosocial deficits much more than a support coordinator. A recovery coach has specialized skills in identifying and working with mental health disorders and navigating supports within the mental health system.  Essentially, a psychosocial recovery coach’s role includes many elements of a support coordinator but specializes in treatment for individuals who require psychosocial coaching. 


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